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Truth and Truthiness… isn’t Obama ahead?

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I don’t get it. As children and adults we’re told to speak honestly and not be deceitful. In the workplace, dishonesty is not tolerated and can even be grounds for dismissal, lawsuits, and even criminal penalty. And don’t even think about being deceitful when you’re in court.

But when it comes to the people that run our country, or are trying for it, somehow we throw out the need for honesty in favor of “spin”. What’s spin? Spin is the art of taking something that’s unfavorable and making it seem favorable, or something that’s favorable and making it seem unfavorable, or even worse, taking a fact and making it somehow seem untrue, or a deception and making it seem somehow factually accurate. In the art of spin, there’s no real definition of truth. Spin is the art of turning the black and white into shades of gray. This focus on the relativism of truth brought the concept of “truthiness” to the fore.

What bothers me more than politicos treating deception as truth and vice-versa (which is to be expected in politics) is the issue that the mainstream media is either complicit in truthiness or is somehow unaware of the falseness of the information being conveyed.

Case in point, both the Clinton campaign and the media seem to believe that Hillary won Nevada. While this might be correct by a count of popular votes, it’s not correct by the real measure of “winning”: the delegate count. There is an undisputable fact that Obama won 13 delegates in Nevada to Clinton’s 12. This is undisputed. By this measure, Obama won Nevada. Yet, the media and the spinsters position this as a loss. Check out the figure taken from the front page of cnn.com just prior to the South Carolina primary:

CNN Delegate Count… Obama is ahead!

So, Hillary only got a few hundred more votes in a few counties in Nevada, losing the total delegate count, and somehow she won? Wrong. Obama won Nevada by the only count that matters – delegates. Hillary is trying to play it both ways, and in the end, screw over the population. Is this the 2000 election-stealing scenario all over again with the tables reversed? Obama is ahead. Fair and square.

To say Clinton won Nevada would be akin to saying that Gore won the general election in 2000. He didn’t win the election even though he won the popular vote… and by a wider margin than Hillary over Obama in Nevada. Gore didn’t win the general election by the one measure that mattered: electoral college votes. Now, if we want to throw away all these delegate shenanigans and get rid of the electoral college altogether (maybe not such a bad idea), then we can go with straight popular votes. But by the one measure that matters — delegates — Clinton is behind, and has never really been that much ahead of Obama.

I really hope this scourge of truthiness doesn’t infect the world beyond the slimy and inherently disingenuous world of politics. In the world of business, inter-personal relations, and social interaction, we should always strive for truth. Measure things as they are, not as you want them to be, and always be aware of the truth of that measure. In that way, you can never go wrong.

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Comments (5)

Interesting article because I had the same exact thoughts on this! Certainly, the media will generally report on popular votes. But I’m absolutely shocked that the media didn’t report on the fact that Obama really did win NV! It actually would have been a good article for them. If I remember correctly (and I may not), I thought that NV and FL were the last two (maybe two of three) states to announce results in Bush/Gore. Is that accurate? Surely a dangling chad or parallelism analogy could have sparked some interest.

My money says that the Democratic candidate selection will be VERY close – similar to the presidential race of ’04. It may even boil down to the same outcome: Delegates outweigh popular votes. Either way, I’m about 99.99999999% confident we see a D become the next President which means history is going to be made with either a female or a black male as President. With Obama just gaining the sponsorship of Camelot, I think he has a really good chance. I only hope that neither will face the same destiny – which is a very real, yet equally ignored and unreported possibility. (note: I don’t watch much news, but do read quite a bit and haven’t seen mention of anything I’ve stated above – so if it is widely reported them I’m simply among the ignorant many).


BTW, I just looked at the image you have posted again, and it is not indicative of the NV-ONLY results! To be fair, it does say “Up to…”. However, to be clear, the following I present for NV specific results:

Clinton 5,355 51% 12
Obama 4,773 45% 13

From this, we can see that Obama got 13 delegates with only 45% of popular vote to Clinton’s 12 delegates with 51% of the vote. My goodness, can you believe only 10k people in NV voted in the Democratic Caucus? :-) WOW! The media should have just let it slide as a non-event. Oh, wait…it’s a Republican State! Romney knows that! He received 2.5x as many votes as these candidates combined.


(source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21660914)

How does any of this have to do with the 4HWW?

Good point! I need to get back to the focus and topic at hand. I’ve been distracted lately, but no longer…. stay tuned. I have more to say on the subject!


Delegates vs Vote Count Addressed in main stream media:


BTW, it has nothing to do with the 4HWW, but people should be able to chat on their own blog about whatever they want. That doesn’t mean the main focus is gone, but if you have something to say, say it.


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