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Improvements and Fixes to WP E-Commerce

Category : wordpress

Like many of you, I am a user of the WP E-Commerce plug-in for WordPress as well as a Gold Cart upgrade customer. While WP E-Commerce has many excellent features and does wonders for the WordPress-based e-commerce experience, the code is very buggy, full of flaws, and lacks documentation and support that is needed for those working in a fast-paced e-commerce environment.

Instead of just being frustrated, I decided to dig into the code and fix a few gnawing problems:

Authorize.Net fixes:

  • Fixed / Added Billing country and state to what is submitted to Authorize.net
  • Added additional configuration fields for Authorize.net Shipping info
  • Added Description field in configuration
  • Added Invoice #  using the purchase ID /  number # as the value
  • Added Customer # using the purchase ID /  number # as the value
  • Added Shipping Information submitted to Authorize.net
  • Added Freight info
  • Added Tax  info
  • Added full cart info to AuthorizeNet receipts

Email receipts enhancements:

  • fixed transaction_result_functions.php to put product list info in Admin report
  • Resend receipt will also resend the Admin report

Checkout Fixes:

  • fixed duplicated State information display when you check “Billing same as shipping”
  • Replaced UPS calculation module with the update from 3.8
  • Fixed erroneous tax calculation when a discount coupon is applied

Other fixes:

  • Added Facebook to the Share This list
  • Removed the random “alexking.org” listings in the email submission section
  • Share This email is now working!


A screen shot of the new details in the Payment Options for Authorize.Net is shown below:


These fixes have only been tested with WordPress 2.9.2 and WP E-Commerce version and the Original Gold Cart files (from Instinct, not the latest from GetShopped.org). If you are using another version and these fixes don’t work, don’t blame me! I’m only verifying that this works with the above configuration.


* authorize.php
* transaction_result_functions.php
* ajax-and-init.php
* wp-e-commerce.js
* cart.class.php
* ups.php
* share-this.php


  • Copy authorize.php to /wp-content/uploads/wpsc/upgrades/gold_cart_files/merchants/ replacing the existing file
  • Copy transaction_result_functions.php to /wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce replacing the existing file
  • Copy ajax-and-init.php to /wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-admin/ replacing the existing file
  • Copy ups.php to \wp-content\plugins\wp-e-commerce\shipping replacing the existing file
  • Copy wp-e-commerce.js \wp-content\plugins\wp-e-commerce\js to replacing the existing file
  • Copy cart.class.php to \wp-content\plugins\wp-e-commerce\wpsc-includes replacing the existing file
  • Copy share-this.php to \wp-content\plugins\wp-e-commerce replacing the existing file

Once you have done  that, you will have new configuration capabilities in the Payments section of the Settings for Authorize.Net to configure the Description field and other fields for Shipping and Billing info. Furthermore, the email receipts will now include product info in the Admin reports, and if you choose to resend a report to a customer, it will also resend the Admin report to the configured administrator


Note that I have made these changes because, like you, I am frustrated with the quality and lack of responsiveness by the WP E-Commerce developers. However, developing is NOT my full time job, and I am assuming that many of you are downloading to help with your efforts, but are not paying me to do that.

Since I’m not getting paid to develop this and I have no financial interest in doing so, I am not supporting any of these fixes. I will not provide any installation assistance other than what is specified above and in the ZIP readme.txt file. If these fixes work for you, great! If not, make sure to copy your old files before you replace them. Any damage / trouble is not my responsibility, so please be careful!

If you like my work and want to motivate me to continue to enhance WP E-Commerce or otherwise improve the work here, I would very much appreciate donations. Your donations are indications that you find my work valuable and that you wish me to continue. Sending me harassing email, posting negative or hateful comments combined with lack of donations will not only cause me to stop working on this, but remove these files if they are more trouble than they are worth.

Help support the community by supporting those who are improving it!

Please donate by clicking on the Donate link in the right sidebar of the site at http://www.fourhourworkweekdiary.com or below:

UPDATE  June 6, 2010:
I posted this today on the Getshopped.org site in response to the company’s horrendous policy of dropping support for Gold Cart customers who purchased the product from the Instinct website:

Since I’m a long time Gold Cart user who purchased from the Instinct site and since you now have this absolutely terrible policy of not supporting any current Gold Cart customers (requiring us to pay AGAIN for our same functionality), I’ve decided no longer to contribute any of my Authorize.Net changes back to the community. My changes are probably making their way into the Authorize.net Gold Cart files, which ironically I no longer have access to unless I pay AGAIN for those files.

This is ridiculous. Until now I’ve been very generous in sharing the fixes I put in after many hours of hard work with the rest of the community, but looks like I, and others, are getting ripped off.

Farewell – I’ll keep the changes to myself and will never spend another dime on this joke of a “product”.

Sorry folks – it’s time to move on from this plug-in. I wish I could share my continued updates for you, but it seems that we’re all being taken for a ride. They’re taking my changes but not even granting me, or many of you, the proper respect and honoring or past payments as customers.

Good luck Getshopped.org. It’s time for me to work on a much better shopping cart plug-in. This one, and the company, is a joke.

UPDATE  June 28, 2010:

Since I have not received any positive support from either users or the plug-in authors, and they’ve decided to screw over past customers, I’m pulling down the download for these fixes. If anyone is interested in these fixes, please make a contribution and I’ll email you the Zip file with the changes. Otherwise, sorry,  it looks like it’s just not worth my time to continue with any fixes on this sorry excuse for a plug-in. I’m looking for better WordPress solutions now.

Required FTC Disclosure:

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact Rex at info [at] fourhourworkweekdiary [dot] com. This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog, including the article written above. That content, advertising space or post may not always be identified as paid or sponsored content. The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we often give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers' own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. This blog may contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content may not always be identified.

Comments (53)

Thanks for the contributions on this. I am having so many other bugs with the WP Commerce script. I would be willing to pay you to help clean up the transaction_result_functions.php page to display information properly. How can I get in contact with you to discuss?

Holy crap you are a life saver! I am in the final testing stages of a new site I am working on and as we are getting ready to go live none of the ecommerce processing engines are working properly. Your fixes seem to have corrected all of the issues we were having with our Authorize.net gateway. I won’t know for sure until we connect everything later today and fully test it, but man if it does work you will be definitely seeing a donation coming your way from me!

Kudos to you and all your hard work, many, many, many thanks.

Thanks! appreciate the positive feedback! If you are interested in helping me continue to make fixes, donations are appreciated. Haven’t gotten any so far, so not sure if people want me to continue or not. I’m working on theme templates for the Transaction Results and Email receipts (so you don’t have to edit code and get better results than the silly little text field in the Admin section). But, without donations, not sure I will contribute those to the group. If you want to get that stuff, show me the love :)

One fix that I have to add is having the Share This function open a new page when the user clicks to share something. The functionality current opens the social site in the current pane and closes (in the case of Facebook) upon completion of sharing.

So . . .

In share-this.php on line (relative, of course) 497 php line is foreach ($social . . . <a href="#"

After the "#" include a target="_blank" to open the social link in a new page/pane.

Hi, Great addition. I agree that WP-Ecommerce is full of bugs

There is no way, for example to add tax to just european countries and not the rest of the world. Also, since the upgrades my Paypal/shipping address has just broken.

I think the developers of this plugin are simply lazy and don’t pay attention to their community. I have installed the gold-cart and it simply doesn’t work for my client. I have had to remove the shop from their site and he is understandably livid.

WP-Ecommerce have done nothing to help me out, and in fact have cost me a good deal of time and money.

I really appreciate you trying to help us out and will be trying out your improvements. It’s people like you who help out the WordPress community.

I see that WP-Ecommerce are trying to get you to add these changes through official channels. Great. They will never be integrated. There have been problems with the tax and shipping for months now, and they just aren’t doing anything about it.

I think they are simply a bunch of hackers/chancers who are punting a seriously flawed, buggy and unreliable product.

Thanks again for your work, and attempting to help us all out.

I completely agree with your position and respect your taking down your fixes. Just made a $25.00 donation in the hope that you might share your coupon/tax fix via email.
WP e-commerce claims 500,000 downloads. Considering the plugin is fairly useless without the Goldcart ($40.00), I feel it’s safe to conclude the ‘owner’ of the Goldcart has made a killing. Unfortunately he hides behind ‘open source’ rhetoric. There is a huge community of programmers who troll the forum and offer their services, on a one-off basis. While some are awesome guys who actually contribute to the plugin, others simply make a living fixing known bugs – releasing the code to everyone would severely effect their bottom line. It’s too bad. Enough said.

Thanks for the contrib! The fix is on its way – appreciate your support.

Thanks for sending the fixes so quickly! Everything is working nicely. Best donation I have ever made :)

Hi, I just made a donation.
I am hoping your fixes will fix my problem with authorize.net gateway for this plugin.

Thank you for all your work and knowledge.

Thanks so much for the contribution! You should have the code now – hopefully it is working for you!

Hi, I agree that the general lack of support offered by the main WP E-Commerce developers is a joke, especially considering the amount of money they are making.

If you find another shopping cart plug-in that offers comparable functionality, could you please let us know so we can join you in expressing our disapproval.

Thanks for your contributions.

I have heard good things about Shopp, but I have so much invested in this (almost worthless) plugin that I’m reticent to switch to Shopp, especially given the theme modifications.

You probably already know this but I had a look around the GetShopped.org site and found this post which might be helpful:

It was written a month ago though…lets see how long it takes them to fix it.

I’m currently in the process of fixing the bug where the shipping state is not updated in the final order (it updates on screen though) when the ‘same as billing’ checkbox is ticked.

I’m working on heavily modified files so I don’t need your files but I was wondering if you could give me a few pointers as to how you solved it.

Its probably only a few lines of code that need changing…it always is.


Hi rexreed,

I was referred to your post, I’d be keen to connect either through e-mail (michael@visser.com.au), Skype (visser.labs) or comments here on DFHW as I am too interested in this topic – DFHW – as well as resolving issues with WP e-Commerce one at a time with you.

Do you know if these changes have made it into the current release of WP e-Commerce? If there’s any information you can provide me to follow up I’m all ears. Cheers.

Disclaimer: In the past fortnight I’ve crossed the Tasman and joined the Instinct team – the core company that maintains WP e-Commerce – I’ve been an active GetShopped.org community forum/blog/moderator since Aug. 2009, I am a part-time Happiness Engineer and owner of Visser Labs.

Hi Michael –

I’m not sure how many, if any, of the changes have made their way into WP e-Commerce, but as I’ve detailed above in my post, the disgusting treatment of Gold Cart customers who bought the plug-in while Instinct customers and got screwed when the site was moved to Getshopped.org left a profoundly bad taste in my mouth and led me to not want to work or contribute further in any way to the plug-in.

In my opinion, the company made a profound and fatal mistake to dump its old customers and require them to pay AGAIN for the plug-in just so that they can get continued upgrades and support. I can’t tell you how mad this made me.

The product has significant and serious bugs and flaws, and I’ve spent quite a bit of time fixing things. At first, I contributed these fixes for free to the community, hoping it would make its way into the core. But once I saw how customers are and were being treated (of which the free customers are treated the worst), I decided that I didn’t want much more to do with the company.

Hi rexreed, since migrating the Premium Plugin Updates system – which my Visser Labs customers use to download Plugin updates – over to GetShopped.org I’ve been working with Instinct to get around the limitation requiring customers to purchase a new license of Gold Cart and other Premium Plugins from GetShopped.org in order to get the latest files available; the policy to re-purchase was introduced post-migration and while it was convenient it was by no means intentional.

The solution announced ealier today enables existing Instinct.co.nz customers to download the latest release of their purchases, now and moving forward with future releases, here’s more info.


This bridge connects GetShopped.org to the Instinct.co.nz database and retrieves unique Session IDs for speedy access to the latest purchase files. This was only made possible this morning after the sysadmin completed making changes to the server.

My next mission for GetShopped.org is to introduce an efficient, while fair token-based Premium Support model that delivers prompt expert advise and solutions while encouraging other Trusted community members outside the Instinct team to contribute on the Premium Support forum. After this, account tools for customers would be a nice treat (e.g. Change registered e-mail address, view API Keys/Name, etc.).

I’ll get some Instinct eyeballs on your post as I’m confident the team will benefit from other perspectives, there’s always room for improvement – in community interaction as well as Plugin development – and I hope my presence and that of additional team members – support and technical – lead us closer to the goal of any e-commerce solution provider; building successful and satisfied relationships with store owners.

If you’d like me to integrate your changes into the Core Plugin please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. I’ll keep an eye on this post. Thought of adding a Subscribe to Topic feature to the comments?

Hi Michael –

Looking good – I just saw the update in the Getshopped forums, and it certainly looks like the right move. I’ll check it out, and probably look at the 3.8 version with the updated Gold Cart to make sure all the changes are there, and if not, suggest fixes.

In the meantime, yeah, I do need a Subscribe to Topic in the comments. It’s time for a theme upgrade, too. I’m on it.

Hi rexreed, very cool. It’s coming along! I’ve only just started to get a handle on the 3.8 beta, will be porting my Plugins over to support this new release in the coming weeks.

Did you happen to change the theme overnight, the site feels ‘different’. Looks good.

Yes, in fact I just changed the theme and added the Subscribe To plugin about 3 hours ago – thanks for the motivation!

When 3.8 is out, I’ll use that and the updated Gold Cart plugin to see if the changes are in place, and if not, what needs to be added.

Very nice. There’s rumours on the developers mailing list that 3.8 Public Beta 2 is going to be out on Mon. I’ll be using this release as reference for updating my Plugins to play nice with the new WordPress custom Post type and taxonomy structure.

You should use the ‘bypostauthor’ class for author styling, it makes youpost authors stand out against guests, etc. :)

I’d be interested in your fix for share-this.php. But the problem I have goes beyond Email and FB to – can you take me to the actual product page, not the Main Products page?
I read about a bit of code on the last post of this page: http://getshopped.org/forums/topic.php?id=3867
But I have not tried it yet.
Thanks, R

Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, I am not supporting WP E-Commerce anymore. However, if you think that my code might be of value to you, make a contribution, and I’ll send it your way. Note that I am not supporting the fixes I post here and make no guarantee they will work for you.

Rex-Hey bro! I made a donation and hope that you can wing the bits over my way to use on my site. I hear your pain about the shopping cart but I’m so far down the road that redoing my website isn’t really an option…plus I have a romance with WordPress. :)
Thanks amigo.

Thanks!Just sent the files.

I understand that you are not supporting this any more, however I think it is what I am looking for. At the same time, I am on a time tale with a customer and really need to know that if I contribute, that you will see it, so I can get this done fast. Please email me, or respond to my comment, so I know that you are at least available to shoot it to me.

Tnx – accidentally sent you the docs, so if you can contribute, it would be most appreciated so I can continue spending time on it.

Just made a donation – anyway to get your fixes sent to me?


thanks! On its way!

just donated. Am trying to finish a gateway driver for skipjack and assume I’m hitting the same billingstate/shippingstate issue you’ve fixed for authorize net. Can’t seem to locate a fix in the forum, so figured I take a look at your repairs and perhaps I can adapt it in this gateway.

Tnx – just sent you the code! Much appreciated!

looking for some help building the shopping gateway for skipjack integration. Will surely donate/pay if you can help

Hey Rex,
I just made a donation. Hope it helps fix our authorize.net issue.


thanks! I just sent you an email to what I hope was the right address – respond to confirm and I’ll get the code your way.

that’s it. thanks rex!

Hi Rex! I am having trouble having my product item/description get sent to my authorize.net payment gateway. it comes through blank so i cant tell what someone ordered… will these fixes help that? thanks!

It *should* fix the problem (it did for me), but no promises.

okay awesome! how do i get them from you?

Make a contribution and I’ll send you what I’ve got

okay all set! sent my contribution! please email files whenever you can. thanks!

I’m hoping you’re fixes work, this is crazy to have to go through so much trouble to get a plugin to work properly. Thank you for your hard work!

I just contributed, can’t wait to get the files!

Just sent it to you – thanks for the donation!


Well I upgraded to the newest gold cart, wordpress, and wp-e-commerce. My cart is now broken and I am lost on how to fix it. I have posted in the forums but no responses for 7 days. Will your fixes work on the newest gold cart and wp-e-commerce out?

I’m not sure. I’ve only added a few more features / fixed a few bugs (as described above), but I didn’t go about fixing other WP e-Commerce bugs. Also, I haven’t updated the fixes since the version of WP e-commerce I mention above. Specifically, I haven’t really targeted it for 3.8. That said, for the features mentioned above, some users have reported that it works for 3.8, but there’s no guarantees as the problems you’re having might not be related to the bugs I fixed.

I think they are because it deals with the extra state showing up on same as billing along with authorize.net. I will contribute and see if those help me. I hope I can implement them.

The support staff at getShopped.org should getBent.

I can’t believe they accept money for the Gold Cart.

Horrible, horrible half baked plugin.

I’m running a shop on wpsc 2.7 as all the negative reviews for 3.8 made me nervous to use it.

I really just need a make sure that the state field is getting passed to Authorize.net… beyond that I can tackle the other issues down the road.


Thanks for the donation – I share your frustrations and concerns. I’ve sent you the fixes that worked for me – I hope they work for you!

Hello. My client told me they were not happy with the email subject in Oder Pending: Payment Required. So I went to the wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/transaction_result_functions.php and where it says:
wp_mail($email, __(‘Order Pending: Payment Required’, ‘wpsc’), $message);
and deleted words Payment Required
I also went to wpsc-admin/ajax-and-init.php and did the same to the words Payment Required.
After this wpec does not send ANY purchase report emails anymore – not to admin, not to customer (in fact the only email that IS sent is the Visser Labs offline credit card information)
So I overwrote the WHOLE site files today with backed up files from the time things were working, but NOTHING.
Do you know any way how to fix this? Is it worth trying your fixes, or am I just going to make things worse?

Is it possible that something is left behind ALTHOUGH via FTP I marked ‘overwrite’ to every single file?

Why is it not sending emails?
I am using 3.7.8
Please HELP!

Hi Hela — yes, WPEC is extremely complicated and things break for seemingly no reason. Is the above problem related to my fixes or completely separate? It sounds like this is something related to your core WP install. It might make sense to start with a fresh install. WPEC is at version 3.8.4 I think. Start there and maybe you’ll have better luck? Not sure.

Keep in mind, I don’t support WPEC, and this is not a WPEC support forum, so not sure I can help on that. Good luck!

Any help with getting the integration with skip jack would be awesome.. would love to ad in the help asap.

Good to have you here! I don’t do general WP E-Commerce consulting – I just posted some fixes for some WPEC problems I was having, and giving to folks who want to contribute. Other than that, I don’t really do anything else with WPEC. I hope you find someone who can help you!

Actually, after a great deal of time, labour, and great gnashing of teeth, we put together a WPEC / skipjack interface for a client a while back.

Pop over to our site ( http://www.what-if.com ) and send me a note to discuss.

So if I’m correct your files corrected the bug that prevented sending emails from the share-this plugin? What did you do to fix it?

Post a comment