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The Four Hour Body and You Like many of your Tim Ferriss fans out there, I've been very keen to try the Four Hour Body lifestyle change. I'm overweight by quite a few pounds, so I made a New Year's resolution to shed some pounds....

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Improvements and Fixes to WP E-CommerceImprovements and Fixes to WP E-Commerce Like many of you, I am a user of the WP E-Commerce plug-in for Wordpress as well as a Gold Cart upgrade customer. While WP E-Commerce has many excellent features and does wonders for the Wordpress-based...

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Credit cards: a lifeline for cash Hi all. It certainly has been a while since I've last posted. That's because in many ways the 4HWW concept has been shot given the urgency of making ends meet and scrambling to get whatever dollars are...

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Version 0.2 of Show User Level Content Plugin Now Available Making an update to the Show User Level Content Plugin ... finally on version 0.2 This version should allow multiple hide statements in the same post. This is a test of that functionality. The first...

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More on Banking... A while back I posted about business banking accounts, and asked the community what their thoughts were on the best ones for FHWW'ers. I never really did get a good response, but the post is out there,...

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Happy New Year! Lots of upgrades…

Category : DHFW Site

Happy New Year DHFW Readers! It’s been about a month since the last post, since there have been lots of upgrades, both technically and in life.

First, the site is now upgraded to WordPress 2.7, and I’m looking at fixing a number of glitches in the site, including missing downloads, incorrectly functioning tickers, etc. If you spot a problem that needs fixing, please let me know.

Second, I’ve been making lots of progress on personal goals and especially around the FHWW. May “main job” has now been pared down to 4 hoursĀ  a day (I know, not a week, yet), but this year I will be paring it down even more. I will spend more time thinking about and writing on muses and microsourcing, so if you have any thoughts, please let me know.

I have a few posts queued up, so I will be uploading them over the course of the next few days. Stay tuned!

The Best WordPress Theme Sites (A list of Lists)

Category : DHFW Site

Did you notice? We have a new theme here at the DHFW site! In looking around for free WordPress themes, I encountered lots of sites touting their top lists of WordPress themes. I would have expected a lot of overlap between these sites, but I was surprised — there are more themes than sites talking about them. As such, I’ve put together this somewhat non-authoritative list of lists of the best WordPress themes out there. Let me know if I’m missing any lists of themes or individual themes to add!

  1. 30 Free Professional WordPress ThemesMy favorite themes are here…. notice one in particular ;) ?
  2. 100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes - Another great list from the same folks who put together the above list
  3. 21 Fresh, Usable and Elegant WordPress Themes
  4. TopWPThemes – Hundreds of free themes
  5. Best WordPress Themes – “Cool free and premium WordPress themes”
  6. FreeWordPressThemes – “Collection of free quality WordPress themes.”
  7. Freewpthemes.net – “Totally free WordPress themes for your enjoyment”
  8. WordPress Themes Directory – Directly from the source
  9. SiteGround WordPress Themes – A few more from SiteGround, a web hosting company. “The SiteGround Design Team has created professional WordPress Themes that you can use for free!”
  10. Aslamp Themes – A few interesting themes here
  11. H4x3d – Some very artistic themes here

Know of any other good lists of themes that I should post here? Let me know!

Making money from your muse… Blog Revenue — the Authoritative Guide

Category : muse, revenue

Editor’s Note: First, let me note that this is a very long blog post. I probably should have chopped it up into a few blog posts, but I didn’t want to lose the stream of thought.

Getting a bit more practical, one of the themes in the Four Hour Work Week is the idea that you can have a nice source of passive income from a short investment in time called a Muse. Hilarycat posted recently on what constitutes a Muse (or in her words, a Passive Income Generator [PIG]). But the gist is that it’s not necessarily your main “day job”, but rather something that allows you to earn the income needed so that your main job doesn’t consume you. You can be free to pursue the things you want because the lights can stay on and the kids can stay fed.

As a way to get things started, blogs themselves can be nice sources of revenue and could potentially be muses if they turned into something bigger. That does not mean that it has to consume lots of time, but you should definitely thing about all the ways to generate revenue from a blog and related media. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. If you know of other ways to turn blogging and writing activity into muse-worthy income, let everyone know by posting some feedback in the comments.

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